At SUEZ (Rueil-Malmaison)


As a specialist in wastewater treatment, SUEZ develops purification solutions to promote their reuse. This is a study of about ten months that was given to one of our industrial designers. In a team of five designers, the project was the construction of a wastewater treatment plant that will extend over 3.2 hectares in Sète (next to Montpellier).

This study aims to implement water treatment solutions and technologies of a quality that will reuse or return to rivers.

Currently the studies are in phase 1, the designers design the buildings and gradually integrate the equipment such as pipes, electrical lines, ventilation ducts (fresh air to breathe), deodorization lines to treat contaminated air as well as that mandatory equipment to the good safety of employees.

After that, the studies will be sent to the civil engineering department, whose mission will be to validate several points:

  • the feasibility of construction operations
  • the thickness of walls, riffles (floors and ceilings)

The plans will be sent in phase 2 by July for the final checks before being sent in phase 3, that of the construction operations.

Our designer is responsible for the modeling of several buildings including a weighbridge to weigh the load of the trucks, two buildings for counting the volume of dirty water and clean water, a high energy transformer station and two other treatment buildings. used waters.

The complexity of the mission results in compliance with safety standards, structural constraints and especially the different interfaces to manage (civil engineering, hydraulic engineer, electrical engineer).

The end of the work is expected in 2022.