ALLIA is a company grouping several trades. It makes the design, the Process and the production which makes of it, an Autonomous company, able to answer to the biggest tenders going up to the international . It  is very strong in in Biomass, Pipes Routings, Skids and most recently Hydroliennes.

Ferchaud Ingénierie’s mission was to strengthen the permanent PDMS workforce for the design of SKIDs at the design level. SKIDs are unitary mobile units that, once assembled or connected, can produce, process or transport a raw product, in our case gas.

The particularity of this mission : a design of principle had been created by another company and that the customer (PERENCO) had made all its calculations according to this preliminary design. So the impastos and the weights were data that could only be modified downwards. There were a little more than twenty SKIDs to design with quite complex handling constraints, unchangeable “Tie IN” (entry point) and a respect of the safety controlled by the customer during the model reviews with the customer.

These mobile units were primarily created with a frame and a metal structure. This structure supported a balloon or equipment that can collect the material to be routed or processed. The tricky thing was to be able to install pipe rooting with PI, PT, corrosion coupon, etc. according to the rules of Hook UP without exceeding the overall provided by the customer. In addition to the design and design aspect, we also had to work with the technical characteristics of the manufacturing workshop, the welding constraints, the dimensions of the valve assemblies, and so on.

Once the SKID designs are completed, a final review is done with the client and the case manager to validate and begin the completion of DRAFT’s General Arrangement plans. Once the GA is validated by the customer and the manufacturing plans are finished, the workshop takes over.

Finally, it was a complete job of general installation with structure, pipe, equipment, lifting and a very significant manufacturing follow-up that allows to put a concrete part on a previously established design.