Ferchaud is involved in digital, especially locally. As president of the association Plage Web, Cyril Monharoul (CEO Ferchaud) even created a new entrepreneurial dynamic: with each evening, it invites 3 start-ups to  pitch. See our article on the Audacity Awards, which Ferchaud is the 2016 winner.

At SUEZ (Rueil-Malmaison)   As a specialist in wastewater treatment, SUEZ develops purification solutions to promote their reuse. This is a study of about ten months that was given to one of our industrial designers. In a team of five designers, the project was the construction of a wastewater treatment plant that will extend over […]

ALLIA is a company grouping several trades. It makes the design, the Process and the production which makes of it, an Autonomous company, able to answer to the biggest tenders going up to the international . It  is very strong in in Biomass, Pipes Routings, Skids and most recently Hydroliennes. Ferchaud Ingénierie’s mission was to […]

Total restoration of the installation plans of a polymer resin factory initially made on Autocad. All subsequent modifications were done by hand, which made the reading of the plans totally illegible and impossible to use for interventions of all types. We were asked to take over the existing plans, but without the good sources we […]

Ferchaud has for long been interested in virtual reality. For Cyril Monharoul, Managing Director of Ferchaud, virtual reality contributes to industry and building. Digital transformation is taking place in order to improve efficiency. Thus Ferchaud collaborated in 2018 with Imagin’Air on the development of a virtual reality tool in the industry. The goal: to visualize […]

Visit of the Ferchaud team at the Technocampus Smartfactory in Montoir-de-Bretagne, a virtual reality center. Designers were able to test high-tech virtual reality equipment in the company of Sophie Sagot-Duvauroux, director of this unique place in Europe ! Discover the campus techno, virtual reality center: https://www.technocampus.fr